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Tristan is motivated problem solver with a passion to help people do more through technology. He just started doing professional text message data analysis, please inquire below.

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Technology has dramatically increased the the number of ways we can communicate, and we are using digital communicate at unprecedented rates. What hasn't increased is our ability to meaningfully access and understand the data created from all of this communcation.

Textual is a suite of data analysis and insight tools for some of the most popular digital communication platforms, including iOS texting and Gmail. You might find out something neat!

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Have you ever been in the middle of listening to a sweet a cappella jam and wonder to your self if there were better arragements of that song performed by another group?

Well I had that exact problem, and tons of time on my hands to build out a website where you can find all sorts of a cappella versions of your favorite songs.

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Email Transistion

Ever had to leave a job and send out emails to everyone saying 'Hi, I am leaving my job, here is my new contact info'? Or have you ever just wanted to see a ranked list of everyone who you talk to on gmail with? Well now you can.

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Gmail Analysis

Want to know exactly how much email you get a week? Want to see how that compares to your past weeks, or other fun tidbits that only a computer would have the time to figure out? Gmail Analysis is definitely for you then. Just log in with your google account and watch your browser generate all kinds of neat visulazations and info.

And so much more....

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